Artikel Masterdata

centralised article management of your departments allows your company to feed all underlying systems (ERP, ECAD, MCAD, offer applications…) in one and the same place. This allows you to better your product quality and optimise your use of data and recourses, which, of course, saves you money.

We help you to create, facilitate and deploy your article master data with the application of your choice. Don’t know any applications? Don’t worry! With our applications Article Manager and Uppershare we can offer you this specialized application.

Link is characterised by its knowledge and experience in the field of article classification. We classify all your articles by means of existing and/or personalised classification systems, using relevant parameters and characteristics. This enables you to feed all your departments with one central source and it holds true for all kinds of data: technical, logistical and productional. In this way, you will be able to shorten and simplify your engineering processes by automatically choosing the right articles based on parameters, thus making way for configuration. Your sales people will be able to offer immediate solutions to your costumers, immediately offering the right price, and even including 3D animations and loads of other extra features. Say goodbye to all iterative processes!

Our services

  • Centralisation of your data to a higher level

    By synchronising your data across departments, everyone uses the same data and everyone talks about the same article.

  • Centralisation of article management

    Put all your article data in one place, across disciplines, including each and every right and relevant parameter for every department.

  • Standardisation of articles

    Manage your article standard across departments. Enable an effective in and out phasing of articles in a simple and efficient way. Make sure that standard components and substitutes are always known by everyone.

  • Classification of articles

    Based on international standards (ETIM, ECLASS, GS1…) or on your own, personalised classification system.

  • Conversion of article data

    Convert your data to standardised exchange formats that communicate your product information in a straightforward and easy way to the rest of the world.

  • Export to other applications

    Allow your article data to serve as input for your web shop, CAD packages and ERP packages.

  • Product markers

    Generate catalogues and product information.

  • Integrate exiting applications

    Our solution allows you to feed every existing application used by your company. There is no need to put in any extra efforts or investments in order to learn the new software.

Our solutions

Article Manager  and Uppershare are powerful solutions that make it possible to manage your productdata centralised.

Article Manager

Consistent and up-to-date product information goes a very long way. By centralising your product information with Article Manager you create one source and one source only for all your product content, involving all your colleagues, partners, systems and media. This is the source of truth all users crave for. Article Manager makes life easier: data can easily be retrieved from known data pools such as 2BA and the built-in intelligence limits your efforts to a minimum. Besides that,  Article Manager can feed your existing applications (CAD / ERP / …) and can interface by means of an API interface and numerous export formats (XML, CSV, …).


With Article2XML you can manage and distribute your ETIM classified product data. This online solution is intended for customers who want to share their product data with wholesalers, data pools and resellers. By means of an Excel interface, you can easily manage and distribute your data by means of the BMECAT exchange format. Link is able to facilitate the entire implementation process, from A to Z.