An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system links your sales, logistical, financial, administrative and productional processes.

Link helps corporations to make the right ERP choices as well as to implement the ERP system, user support and bespoke training. Furthermore we provide interfaces for other software packages (like CAD software), as well as creating master data and improving your current ERP.

Besides ERP, we can also guide you through the implementation of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and packages of your choice.

Don’t have a CRM system yet and looking for a quantitative, powerful and integrated Customer Relationship Management? TeamLeader is your number one choice!

Our services

  • Guidance

    Guidance in your choice trajectory for CRM and ERP packages.

  • Optimising

    Optimising your current CRM / ERP package.

  • Project management

    Project management during the implementation of your CRM / ERP package.

  • Implementation

    Implementation of interfaces and other packages (like CAD).

  • Reporting

    Creation of reporting systems that increase your insight in crucial corporate processes.

Our solution

Teamleader: CRM, project management and billing in one online tool!
  • Satisfied customers thanks to optimal PR-management
  • The easiest way from offer to bill
  • Clear state of affairs for every project

Thanks to the customer relationship management system of TeamLeader, you can manage your contacts, agenda, billing, sales, projects, and so much more in a clear and simple way.

Have all your customer information at hand

Fill out all contact information only once and never again. Add a VAT-number and Trend Top makes sure all supplementary financial information is automatically generated. TeamLeader is so efficient your work force will love it!

Follow your customer during his buy trajectory

An efficiently organised sale process increases your revenue. TeamLeader helps you to follow up your sales in a stricter way. Maximise the potential of your leads. Follow up your colleagues and motivate them to reach their goals.

The right bill at the right time

Don’t lose your time billing. TeamLeader gathers all necessary information for you and sends out your bill – by mail or e-mail. Punctual and just bills improve the cashflow of your company. Keep track of payments and make sure you act timely, all thanks to TeamLeader.

A clearcut state of affairs for every project

Optimise your use of the capacity and expertise of your company. Plan out projects and assign tasks to the right workers. Keep track of your project in a detailed manner, while clearcut reportage also allows you to act quickly and reach the deadline of all your projects, well within budget.