Engineering Efficiency

Do you want to differentiate your company from your competitors by reducing lead times and errors? Then you have to make efficient use of your engineering capacity by using the strengths of your engineers. Even in these modern times, engineers are still drowning in routine tasks. But why not generate schemes and drawings while also securing corporate knowledge?
Link can help you with a thorough knowledge of configuration, scheme generation and standardisation. Furthermore, you can use our solution Typical Manager to generate:

  • Schemes in Eplan, Autocad Electrical and SEE Electrical
  • PLC-Code (Siemens, Rockwell, Beckhoff,…)
  • Documentation
  • Scada
  • Reporting

Our services

  • Securing knowledge

    Securing knowledge by capturing the knowledge of your work force in databases.

  • Central management

    Central management of your engineering data using one database.

  • Creating standards

    Creation of CAD standards in Eplan, Autocad Electrical…

  • Standardisation

    Standardisation of end produces, schemes and articles.

  • Configurators

    Creating configurators for the generation of offers, reports, schemes, PLC software…

  • Optimising

    Elimination of irritative and/or repetitive actions.

Our solution

Typical Manager by Yellax© optimises design processes to generate efficient design straits, using only one database, regardless of all other applications used.
The result? A faster delivery of qualitative designs, while also securing corporate knowledge and product quality. Allow your engineers to focus on (technological) innovation. In that way, you will allow your company to grow and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Standardisation and quality improvement start with the right workflow. Using Typical Manager you will realise a structured productional process. Besides a wide array of basic functionalities, Yellax also offers numerous add-ons for Typical Manager. Please allow us to demonstrate:

Onze oplossing

Typical Manager van Yellax© optimaliseert ontwerpprocessen tot een efficiënte ontwerpstraat. Dit alles vanuit één database.
Het resultaat? Snellere oplevering van kwalitatieve ontwerpen en kennis- en kwaliteitsborging. Ook maakt u engineers vrij om zich te richten op (technologische) innovatie. Zo komt u verder als organisatie en onderscheidt u zich van de concurrentie.

Standaardisatie en kwaliteitsverbetering beginnen met de juiste workflow. Met Typical Manager realiseert u een gestructureerde processtroom. Naast een brede basisfunctionaliteit biedt Yellax uiteenlopende add-ons voor Typical Manager. We zetten ze voor u op een rijtje:


Automated production of electric E/I schemes according to a preliminary defined structure for AutoCAD, AutoCAD-Electrical, SEE-Electrical and Eplan P8.


Automatic generation of your PLC programs. With this add-on you can configure and produce logical programs for Siemens, Schneider Electric, Rockwell and other PLC/DCS programs, using Typical Manager.


Users are able to construe simple, automated documents. Think data sheets, lists with information taken from electric schemes, manuals, instructions of use and maintenance, et cetera.


Configuration and automatic production of Excel of XML files for the automatic production of your SCADA programming.


Use articles and hours from external ERP/CRM packages within Typical Manager and export project-specific articles and hours to these packages. This is also possibles with your own, personal reports created with Typical Manager.


Simply define, manage and automatically produce reports by users, using only one data source. That source includes all available data to compose all kinds of reports, like calculation lists, faculty lists, FAT/SAT lists, tag lists, consumer lists, machine and specification sheets, and so on.


Thanks to the intuitive dashboard you get immediate insight in project facts, think control modules, I/O and variables.


The dashboard offers all functionalities to weigh and lock all relative data, resulting in interesting statistics and graphics offering the desired management information. In this way, you will get different insights in the progress of your project.